When it comes to glamour and extravagance, Melekemue Lighting is your best bet. Designed to revamp the feel and look of your living rooms and lounges, our chandeliers can give your rooms a glamourous look. Our design experts ensure that all our lighting is unique and of superior quality while keeping the costs low.

Check out our range of chandeliers and choose the one best for your home.

All our equipment is designed keeping in mind the aesthetic value and placement of the lighting. Our professional staff ensure that each product is designed to meet your standards and can add value to your lifestyle. Additionally, all our products are energy efficient, which eliminates costly electricity bills. With our energy efficient lighting solutions, you will never have to worry about leaving the lights on.

Where to use our Chandeliers

You living room is the most used area of the house; you welcome your guests and invite them into your living room. This is why the living room needs to be in a top-notch condition. Our chandeliers with energy efficient bulbs help in adding a luxurious feel to your living room so you can impress your guests and never have to worry about them staying more than anticipated. Our smart and energy efficient lighting equipment will keep your electricity consumption low and reduce your bills.